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Wild Rift Origin Series Championship to be held in Stockholm

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Riot Games has revealed that the first League of Legends: Wild Rift Origin Series Championship will be held in Stockholm, Sweden with a €300,000 (~£257,000) prize pool.

The mobile esports Championship will run from September 24th to 26th, pitting six teams in the intercontinental Origin Series against one another for a lion’s share of the prize pool.

Riot said: “We’ve already seen some amazing play, and awarded over €150,000 to the top teams from the June, July, and August finals, so there’s no doubt that the Wild Rift: Origin Series Championship will deliver a top level of competition.”

Wild Rift Origin Series Championship

The League of Legends: Wild Rift Origin Series Championship will feature three teams from Group A, two from Group B, and one from Group C. The first day will be a group stage, where two groups of three teams will compete in a Best-of-1 double round-robin format. The top two teams from each group advance to the Knockout Stage.

Day two’s Knockout Stage will include a 4-team single elimination bracket, with Best-of-5 semifinals. The final day, September 26th will be the finals. The two best teams battle in a Best-of-7 final and the first champion of the Wild Rift: Origin Series will be crowned.

Riot Games announced the Origin Series in May. It is the first tournament series in League of Legends: Wild Rift and the publisher’s first foray into mobile esports.

As of this posting, the top standing teams are No Team No Talent (Group A), Unicorns of Love WR (Group B), and Sunlight Team (Group C).

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